We're going to be talking about all sorts of diving from cold, deep wrecks to shallow warm reefs and everything else in-between. 

- Bob Shoemaker


Bob "Robert" Shoemaker. Photo taken at Our World Underwater

Bob "Robert" Shoemaker. Photo taken at Our World Underwater

Born to SCUBA

Water has been the life blood of his existence. From the streams of Montana, to Michigan's "Shipwreck Mecca" of the Great Lakes, to the warm shallow reefs of the tropics, Bob's excitement was founded on his passion for constant adventure and exploration of the natural world through the sport of scuba diving.

Host of Talking Scuba from 2010 to 2012, Robert “Bob” Shoemaker aged 29 of Rockford passed away Saturday, August 10, 2013 after a tragic diving accident near the Six Street Dam in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Bob is best known for his generosity,  humor, love of scuba diving, charismatic energy and passion for outdoor adventures.

We are grateful for the time, contributions and exciting adventures we experienced with Bob. We ask that fans, friends, and family share our treasured remembrance collection so the memory of Bob will not be forgotten, but instead will inspire and excite others about the sport of SCUBA diving, the great outdoors and the underwater world.


I had a nice run in with a grizz bear. I chased after him on foot because I wanted a picture. In retrospect probably a bad idea.
— Bob Shoemaker, from his letters while in Montana of 2007

Rockford Independent Article by Jeannie Gregory
Discovering The Depths 

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Friends Remember Bob Shoemaker
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Remembered as the 'answer guy,'

Obituary: Robert Shoemaker, a scuba diver who dreamed of opening his own shop. 

Sturgeon For Tomorrow Banquet - Booklet
Remembering Robert Shoemaker
On May 5, 2013 Certified Scuba Diver Robert Shoemaker of Rockford, Michigan and his dive partner spent the day on the the Upper Black River capturing spawning sturgeon on video. Robert was also part of the Grand Rapids White Water Project and dreamed of one day when the natural rapids would be restored along the Grand River so the sturgeon could once again migrate up the Grand to their natural spawning grounds. He was passionate about the sturgeon. Robert lost his life on August 10th doing what he truly loved for a purpose he supported with his heart and soul while examining the dam structure at the 6th Street Bridge on the Grand River. Rest in peace Robert. We will continue to work to keep your legacy alive!


See you on the other side my friend.
— Capt Gary of Tavernier, FL Keys
He was a good guy. He’d give you the shirt off his back
— Jim Norton of Kent City, MI
He’d be diving right now if he could. I can guarantee that!
— Cam MacTavish of Grand Rapids, MI
I will remember him for his enthusiasm, his laugh, and his love of nature and the underwater world.
— Johnny B Allen of Greenville, MI
Everybody loved Bob. He was just a fun guy
— Derek Wheeler, a longtime friend.
You could tell he had a passion for the sport. He was going to make an impact in the world.
— Jeff Haveman, close friend & student